After 15 years of a solo consulting practice (though I’ve had lots of wonderful associates and collaborators along the way), I’m finally adding someone to my team. I’m looking for an amazing virtual assistant who lives in the Pacific Standard Time zone, is the sort of person I look forward to checking in with once a day, and wants to joyfully work 5-6 hours/week helping me build my practice and serve clients. BIPOC and LGTBQ+ applicants encouraged to apply, closing date February 25! See my job description and application instructions here.

P.S. The most exuberant thanks to Emily Linderman, who project-managed my new website, created this job description, and is managing the hiring process. If you need help making something happen in your life, I can’t reccomend her highly enough. (She also trains and supports healthcare chaplains, has a spiritual direction practice, and helps clients with end-of-life planning.)

P.S.S. If you live in Bellingham, Washington, that would be a major bonus as we could actually work together sometimes, but it’s not a requirement.