On Being a Generalist

I’ll never forget the moment when my poetry professor called me out in front of the class for using “bird” in a poem without specifying what kind of bird it was. I learned at least [...]

Happy Nurturing Day

This is me with my mother, 46 years ago or so. This photo is on the altar in my home office. I treasure it, and I treasure her. You may be reading this on Mother’s [...]

None of it was Easy

This weekend I went to my friend Margie’s book signing. Margie worked with her niece Michelle, an illustrator, to write “What Makes you Smile as Big as the Moon?” a delightful children’s book about emotions. [...]

A Reflective Activity for your Team

One thing I see over and over again in organizational life is our inability to slow down and be reflective. We move from one big project to the next, one urgent thing to the [...]

Interminable Delight

For a long time, I had a food/motherhood/poignant life moments blog called In Praise of Leftovers, and it pretty much turned into a poetry blog. I closed that down in January after more a dozen [...]

The Search for Insignificance

I listened to Dan Harris interview Ron Siegal this morning on "The Joys of Insignificance." What a giant flash of recognition! Yes, I'm constantly comparing myself to others. Yes, with every text or email I [...]

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