Paying Attention to Endings

I had the privilege of being with a client this week as they told their team the organization was shutting its doors. Together, my client and I designed the meeting, and I facilitated it. It [...]

Training Isn’t the Answer

It has been a really sad week. There’s nothing I’m going to say here that hasn’t been said, and I’m under no delusion that the national conversation needs my voice. But I have a moral [...]

The Time for Repair is Now

I recently heard that a former one-time client of mine passed away, someone who had come to my office with a relative for mediation. Halfway into our time together, it was clear we were not [...]

Hearing Yourself Again

Hello friends! I have a proposal for you: as 2023 begins, can you slip away for a little bit? Can you find a quiet place and a quiet few hours to discover again who you [...]

Fun in 2023

Maybe I’m just paying more attention this year but is anyone else sick of New Year’s resolutions talk?! NPR says to set SMART goals--strategic, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound. They consulted a psychologist and recorded [...]

Favorite Books of 2022

Favorite Books of 2022  I finally realized something last year—I don’t sit still unless I am reading. And maybe that’s one of the primary functions it has served in my 48 years—reading slows me down. [...]

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