Favorite Reads of 2021

I read far less this year. 54 books instead of 100+. I winced a little in counting up the total, but then I had a talk with myself about what a sign of growth it [...]

A New Year’s Gratitude Ritual

I've heard some criticism of the whole "Live in the moment" adage on the basis that remembering the past can give us a lot of pleasure and meaning. This can be done any anytime, [...]

Advent 2020: Encroaching Darkness, Wide Awake

A few days ago, I remembered. “Crap! It’s almost Advent. Will I write again this year?” There are a million reasons not to. I often get hooked by an insidious little voice that says “It’s [...]

Muffins and Other Good Things

Like many of you, the following monikers flock together in a description of my week: Hopeful, fearful, exhilarating, under-stimulated, connected, lonely, annoyed, content, overwhelmed, underwhelmed. A bundle of opposites, sometimes all in one minute. But [...]

Favorite Reads of 2020

I read 91 books in 2020. For anyone that’s unhealthily keeping track like I am, that’s 29 LESS than I read in 2019. (You can read last year’s recommendations here .) I absolutely know why. [...]

How to take a Solo Retreat

I’m here again, honoring the commitment I made to myself a year ago that I would take a quarterly solo retreat. This is a practice that was modeled to me growing up. My dad would [...]

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