However Small

Today is my day to bake cookies for the tiny home community that houses low-income seniors. A group of amazing women in my life have been bringing dinner once a month for the last couple [...]

Empowered Disidentification

I was listening to Jeff Warren this week, one of my favorite meditation teachers, and he was talking about discovering his ADHD diagnosis in adulthood and how helpful it has been. Then he said something [...]

To the Angry Motorist

Biking from a side street onto a main road this morning, I decided to use the pedestrian crosswalk instead of waiting for an opening in the traffic. I was startled to hear a man yell [...]

Your Body is Invited to the Party

Last week, my colleague Laura and I convened a gathering of local Organization Development practitioners. Most of us were meeting for the first time, and a lot of care and thought was put into the [...]

Passion is Overrated

Passion is not a clean-burning fuel. It may help you jumpstart something. It may help you win a race, get through a hard time or change careers, but it’s not much help if you want [...]

Campus Life

Last weekend, my daughter and I went to visit one of my goddaughters at college—see her dance performance, eat dinner with her in the dining hall, see her dorm room, and meet some of her [...]

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