Seeking an Awesome Virtual Assistant!

After 15 years of a solo consulting practice (though I've had lots of wonderful associates and collaborators along the way), I'm finally adding someone to my team. I'm looking for an amazing virtual assistant who [...]

Virtual Meeting Survival Tips for Facilitators

Two years ago, I was an analog gal. If you had told me I'd be meeting with coaching clients, teams, and whole organizations via video conference, I would have thought that was funny and terrifying. [...]

Alert: Collective Involuntary Change Underway!

Last year I read Bruce Feiler's book Life is in the Transitions: Mastering Change at any Age. I have returned to some of its frameworks constantly, and it's helped me serve clients who are navigating [...]

No Cheesiness, No Liberation

I heard Dan Harris say recently, "No cheesiness, no liberation." It landed right away, and I've already repeated it to myself a few times. If the yoga or meditation teacher instructs you to put [...]

Beyond Self Care

We have heard a lot about self-care lately. Like many people (and women especially), I'm not always great at it, and I usually have some goals and intentions to ramp it up. But self-care [...]

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