The Promise of a Team

I was with a non-profit board last week that made me jealous. I love all my clients, but I’ve definitely encountered groups that don’t spark the same sentiment. I diligently support them, help them surface [...]

Borrow some Energy

I have lived in my house for 11 years and never liked our living room. With an awkward space, ill-fitting furniture, pets, and my underdeveloped design sense, it just never felt cozy or inviting to [...]

A Late Summer Benediction

None of it Lasts When my children were young and the days were so intense or intensely boring, I used to remind myself, “Everything changes. If it’s an easy phase, don’t get too comfortable. If [...]

A Blessing for Times of Change

Hello friends! I’m back from my August break, and have logged glorious hours biking, swimming, sleeping in, painting, hanging out with friends, and blessedly not listening to any self-help podcasts or reading much news. And [...]

Become a Professional Appreciator

Recently, I went to my favorite place, Café Blue, to do a little journaling and painting. Standing in my closet that morning, I took care to pick an outfit because I knew I would get [...]

Work is not the Thing

Life is the thing. And here’s my message for you this week: take as much time off work as possible and push the boundaries of what is possible. I’m not worried about you not working [...]

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