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Favorite Reads of 2020

I read 91 books in 2020. For anyone that’s unhealthily keeping track like I am, that’s 29 LESS than I read in 2019. (You can read last year’s recommendations here [...]


Kitchen Essentials

A reader just wrote and asked my opinion about pots and pans. I sent her to Mark Bittman's excellent advice on a no-frills kitchen: Best Tips for Avoiding Stupid Kitchen [...]

2021-12-30T12:21:17-08:00Kitchen Life|

Beginning Again

My friend Janel and I met for our “writing group” this morning. This sacred, monthly ritual consists of taking up a table at Camber for at least two hours, talking [...]

2021-11-18T18:55:04-08:00Writing Life|

What Do You Miss?

I’m writing in April 2020, which will be remembered as the Time of Coronavirus. Everything is changing, and everything will be changed. It’s almost automatic for me to begin making [...]

2021-12-07T18:22:32-08:00Organizational Life|

Turn that Filter On

Kind people know all about filtering their thoughts. They understand that being “themselves” is a threat they must take pains to spare everyone else from experiencing—especially anyone they care about.—from [...]

2022-01-03T14:21:25-08:00Organizational Life|
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